Intro to TokyoEmily


Helloooooo, my fellow readers!

For a few years now, i’ve been interested in starting my own blog. The idea of creating something that someone might find interesting is pretty neat. The problem is, how to execute it all.

I shall start off with the basic getting to know me post. My name is Emily. I’m 30 years old. First time single mom of a school aged boy. I have been reselling on eBay. Even opened up a basic store. Which you can check out here –> ( ) as well as poshmark if ebay isn’t your thing. I live in a small city in New Mexico. It boarders to Texas and Mexico.

My hobbies include time outs in the bath book while flipping through IG. Hehe joking, I like to make my son’s costumes.

Jack’s Wild Rumpus


YAY my son Jack is turning 1!!! His birthday is a REALLY big deal for me because we both been through a lot. He’s was in the NICU for one month and 3 weeks, ¬†been in and out of the hospital. Has had three surgeries. So this party is not only to celebrate him, it’s to celebrate my first year as a mother as well.

I choose the theme Where The Wild Things Are ¬†from the book by Sendak Maurice. Just because I think it’s such an amazing children’s book. I looked on Pinterest and google images for idea’s…Thank god for Pinterest!! I bought my wild items mostly from, which is a really amazing website!